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How Java sustained Two Decades

Java is one of the few programming languages that survived in the industry for more than 20 years. Often criticized for being too clumsy and difficult, Java is still widely used across industries. Most people know that it is the primary language for Andriod and so we can say that it is the main language of these age smartphones. It is also used in many back-end web developments, building mobile apps as well as in many software systems worldwide. In this post, I tried to explain how java surviving even after python & javascript are here and why can also learn it in 2020.

1) Java can do EVERYTHING

This is by far the major reason for java to stay alive and strong today. You can build android apps, software desktops apps by just learning one language. Java seems to be the most promising language in the new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and is used by all the leading service providers like Google and Microsoft. Java is an object-oriented language, and most companies prefer people with a fair knowledge of the OOPs concept.

2) Java has a Big COMMUNITY

Java has one of the strongest communities in the world of computer programming, (while javascript has the biggest but the experience count in more for java). Moreover, when you encounter any other problem, you can easily find the solutions online or ask in any forum & you will get a quick reply. It provides an open-source library and meets all your needs. Since it is decades old, there are many free resources and courses online as well. You can also get a java tutor online to get solve all your queries or get help with your homework or assignment. Though it is not essential for aspiring programmers to be well equipped in Java, if you are going into the programming world for a lifetime, learning this will surely help you.


It is an ultra-fast language with a scalable platform that has adapted itself to the IT world. After Java 9, Oracle decided to adopt a new lifecycle for Java release, which guarantees new features and additions to the language.Java programming provides developers an extremely rich API to create graphical interfaces for the desktop, manage multithread programming, perform network operations, and access databases without any external code libraries. The recent launch of Java 14 bears witness to the evolution of the language.
I think these are all very big reasons for java to sustain and stay strong for such long. I personally was once so much critical of it, but now I understand that Java had and is doing so much in the current world, that no one can think about how the world would be if there is no Java.

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Great post Mark!

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Karl Heinz Marbaise

Today at the 15. September Java 15 has been released.