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Hi Vue lovers,

I’m Marina. Me and my team are working on a couple of exciting internet projects (more about that later) for which we’re looking for skilled vue.js developers.

We already have some traction (one service has over 1m users – now targeting 10m –, another software we provide has over 250k websites using it) and we want YOU to hop on board and join our road to success!

We’re looking for developers who:

  • Are highly efficient
  • Enjoy challenges
  • Have decent English skills and are very responsive (communication is key)
  • Are available long-term (we'll only invest in you if you're willing to stay with us for a while)
  • Charge fairly

Your benefits:

  • Work directly with the founders
  • You'll learn A LOT (about internet businesses, but also beyond that)
  • You can work from home
  • Be flexible in terms of working hours
  • Grow with the projects; if they go really big (and they will) then you'll benefit from it hugely as well (also financially)

If interested, please reach out to marina@follow.it, and state how you meet the criteria above.

Looking forward to your application!

Kind regards,



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