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Discussion on: Is Programming Actually Hard?

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martin rojas

Great article and thank you for sharing your experience.

From my experience of learning to program and trying to help others. Everyone can learn to program, but I think the best indicator of whether someone will have a successful and enjoyable career in programming comes down to how they think. If you are able to approach a problem, break it down, and be able to solve that isolated part then moves the next one while keeping the rest of the problem in context then you will probably have a successful career in programming.

I have come to this way off thinking, mostly from seeing many people that have rushed to boot camps because of a career as a programmer will mean jobs with a high salary. Those that normally approach problems in other ways have a much harder time and tend to not want to be part of the constant learning it takes to rise in this field. As a result, they get frustrated with a career they hate just for the money.

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Dani Amsalem Author

Hey Martin, thanks for your kind words, and I respect your perspective.

It's funny, but I always assumed people approached problems in that way (break it down, solve isolated parts, while keeping in mind the whole). Perhaps not everyone does...

If that's not the case, I like to think people can learn newer and better ways of solving problems. I didn't always know how to play chess, but with lots of practice, I got to be pretty good. Chess is one of those games that requires new thinking skills such as being able to see from your opponent's perspective and then predicting his next moves.

I do agree though, there are some folks who don't want to partake in constant learning. And for them, coding might not be the best career option.

Personally, I used to avoid careers which required constant growth (like coding) because I wanted something I could settle into. After finding several jobs with those qualities, I realized that wasn't the right approach. The constant growing and stretching of my mind and capabilities is a heckuva lot more fun than anything else I've seen.