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Mateusz Leciejewski
Mateusz Leciejewski

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Quarantine-time webinar | Design a professional landing page

In MDB, we started lately very popularly, live streams in which we convey knowledge about programming in a very simple and accurate way. The demand for such courses turned out to be very motivating, which is why we decided to do a series of live courses.

If you are interested in designing a professional website while learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, sign up for the course, which will take place today (7th April) at 8 PM (UTC + 2)

You can find more details on our website, where you can subscribe to the next live streams, and join our private group so you don't miss any news here!

Don't waste your time and take advantage of the fact that you spend it at home improving and developing new skills 👨🏻‍💻

Learn more about our live streams

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