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Back to the Front-end: Exploring the Future of the Umbraco UI (Part 1 - Introduction)

For any Umbraco developer in the past few years there have been 2 major milestones on the horizon to prepare for. The first being the move to .NET Core and the second being the new back-office UI.

Thankfully, due to the monumental efforts of the HQ team, the community and package developers, the first of those milestones is now firmly behind us as with Umbraco v9 and now v10+ we are 100% .NET Core and still have a thriving package ecosystem.

1 Down 1 to Go

With Umbraco now on .NET Core, that just leaves us the next milestone, which poses to be an even bigger challenge, the new back office UI.

Thankfully HQ are following the same pattern as for the .NET Core port, mainly building in the open and releasing usable code early. By doing this it allows us all to see how the new back office UI is being built, but more importantly gives us an early idea of the new technologies and practices that we will need to become familiar with.

As the creator of Vendr and Konstrukt, two Umbraco packages with very tightly integrated user interfaces, I have an inherent vested interest in understanding all these new changes to enable me to ensure these packages are ready for the new UI as soon as possible.

The Date was October 21st, 2022...

To help with my own journey and to potentially others, I thought it could be worth while starting a blog series about my findings as I explore the codebase and document some of the new concepts and how they work and differ from what we had before.

Stay tuned for more to come...

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