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It's heading in a positive direction. The language itself is seeing some very significant performance improvements, as well as some changes that make it easier to write more robust applications- I'm looking forward to typed properties in 7.4. More developers are starting to write proper tests too.

Unfortunately, the legacy of those earlier times is still with us. Many code bases have no tests at all, and have all kinds of messy code. And WordPress really needs to get it together and stop writing PHP like it's 2007.


Hi Matthew, what disturbs you in WP code style in relation to your own PHP writings?

Using WP global functions in your well OO-descomposed modules is nothing different than using PHP functions. Load wp-load.php in your PHPunit test and enjoy 100% covered codebase. So why WP should change in this context of yours while in fact it is not more attached to your code than PHP itself?


The problems with WordPress are a matter of historical record and I'm not going to rehash them here.

I asked the different question. So I understand that there is nohing bad in WP to spoil the good PHP coding of anyone. So that no need to tell WP has to change its code practices in the context of what we discuss here.

Mate, I'm not going to explain something as basic as why Wordpress is rubbish. That's what Google is for.

I did not ask you what is WordPress. I asked different question. So do not bother. I see you do not have a point.

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