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Vanilla JS projects in React

When it comes to vanilla javascript projects, we often find that things are a bit more complicated than if we were to simply use a library such as React instead. In my case, I'm aiming to convert Colt Steele's "The Great RGB Color Game" into a React application. This project alone helped me better understand useful React tools such as componentDidMount(), which is a lifecycle method that helps us execute tasks after the DOM (Document Object Model) is rendered.

This is where I find it useful to not only execute fetch requests, but also vanilla javascript code! Is this ideal? That's what I hope to find out in my journey as a Software Engineer. For now, I can confirm this is a working method for more detailed DOM manipulation in a robust library.

In conclusion, what more could a dev really ask for? The opportunity to learn and grow is always the pinnacle of our passion. Check out the repo for this application to follow the progress as I bring this application to life.

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