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Updated: The Best Way to Learn Python. Fact.

There has recently been an update to the best way to learn Python. Now, it is better than ever. With detailed tutorials that walk you through how you do it, with practicals and hands-on projects. This is the best way to learn python. The best thing is that: it's completely free. No sign-in or whatsoever, you could view it anywhere, anytime. Way better than SkillShare or so. Check it out now!

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Everything you need to know about learning Python is here. This is a catalog that teaches you how to code in Python. In fact, everything you need to know from beginner to intermediate is here. Even experts could learn from this!

😎 Learn Python 😎

This is a great place to start learning Python. Full credit goes to Eric Matthes.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Getting Started


In this chapter, you’ll run your first Python program, First, you’ll need to check whether a recent version of Python is installed on your computer; if it isn’t, you’ll install it. You’ll also install a text editor to work with your Python programs. Text editors recognize Python code and highlight sections as you write, making it easy to understand your code’s structure.

Setting Up Your Programming Environment

Python differs slightly on different operating systems, so you’ll need to keep a few considerations in mind. In the following sections, we’ll make sure Python is set up correctly on your system.

Python Versions

Every programming language evolves as new ideas and technologies emerge, and the developers of Python have continually made the language…

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