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Why You Should Deploy Your Code to Production with Hidora

Development and production environments may be different, but once you push your code to production, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and release your app or website to the world. And that’s where Hidora comes in. By deploying your code to production with Hidora, you can push code updates without worrying about infrastructure management. It’s fast, easy, secure, and reliable—the perfect way to release new features or fixes with minimal disruption to your end users.

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What is Hidora?

Hidora is an easy-to-deploy platform that allows you to push your code from development directly into production. If you’re wondering what exactly that means and how it can help your business, read on for a closer look at how this development tool works. What Does Deploying Mean? Before diving in, it’s important to start by defining some key terms so we can fully understand what deploying code is all about. For starters, let’s go over what production environment means and why developers should deploy their code there. Simply put, a production environment is an area of technology used in an operational capacity—it isn’t meant for testing or trial purposes.


How does it help with development?

The Hidora app is a convenient way to push your code in production. With just a few clicks, you can deploy an application for any platform or stack that runs in Jelastic. And, since everything you need is hosted on our elastic cloud platform, there’s nothing else for you to install or configure. This saves time and allows you to focus on what matters most: writing great code. After all, you’re a developer—not DevOps! Our innovative approach combines development tools like GitLab, Container Registry, and Docker Hub together with deployment automation software such as GitLab—giving developers fast access to testing environments so they can build high-quality apps faster than ever before. You get access to hundreds of different runtimes without having to worry about managing them manually or spending money on dedicated server hosting. Use our simple but powerful API to test new technologies instantly in simulated production environments—like Node.js, PHP, Python, and more —that use up-to-date databases (such as PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and more) and storage engines for compatibility testing purposes prior to rolling out into your real production environment. It couldn't be easier!

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Which methods can help me to deploy code into my applications?

Our platform supports different ways to do an automatic deployment, allowing you to choose the best option depending on your applications:
Dashboards - you can easily deploy URLs or archive into your applications
VCS - allows deploying from your VCS repository (Bitbucket, SVN, JFrog)
Docker registry - deploy your own image based on your docker registry (Docker hub, Gitlab, Nexus)
Plugins - deploy your code by using software  development tools ( Eclipse, Maven, IntelliJ IDEA)


How does it help you after deployment?

Easy to Deploy your application in production easily, With minimal infrastructure configuration. In case of any conflicts with your current configurations, we will notify you. If you have multiple environments, we can automatically deploy it on each of those environments. We have a dashboard that lets you view your live app data and performance metrics. Jelastic is providing a very easy way to deploy and monitor both frontend and backend apps by collecting metrics from all apps together. Free hosting on cloud scale - The deployment is done at zero cost! Additional free apps for monitoring: if you require something more specific like a tool for NodeJs monitoring or a private npm registry for your app, we’ve got them covered! Just install any app from marketplace within one click inside the admin panel and play around with it in your local dev environment before pushing its changes into production. As an example take Prometheus + Grafana – super powerful graphs for every aspect of the real-time performance of your app including custom dashboards, configurable alerting, and scheduling features. A marketplace is full of useful applications that won't interfere with existing ones. Don't waste time setting up 3rd party services; let us do that job for you! Scale things up on demand – Automatically add capacity when your app requires it (or when you want). It can be quick as 1 click process if nothing happens.

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