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Chrome Plugin: StreetEasy Plus

Matt Kenefick
Senior Engineer -- Learn to code first. Use libraries second.
Originally published at Medium on ・2 min read

For the unfamiliar: is a popular website for apartment hunting in New York City owned by Zillow.

StreetEasy Plus is a plugin for Chrome that adds additional functionality to Click here to install the plugin.

I’ve been apartment hunting recently and found myself spending a significant amount of time on StreetEasy. It has become a bit of an addiction to be honest. Every day, I’d check through “Newest” and “Recently Updated” to see what’s fresh on the market.

After a while, it became frustrating to regularly see listings you’ve already seen and disliked, or forgot about, or weren’t sure about. It was also frustrating to see a new building come on the market and see 10+ listings for 123 Example St when you’ve already decided against the building.

Some features include:

  • Flagging listings that have already been viewed
  • Ability to hide listings you have disliked
  • Ability to hide buildings you have disliked
  • Map of nearby subway entrances
  • Map of nearby housing projects
  • Opening floor plans by default
  • Hiding featured listings and banners

The plugin was built for personal use with no intention to distribute and has no affiliation with StreetEasy, Zillow, or similar parties. This plugin does not collect any personal data or track your internet usage. In order to function correctly, it stores data locally about listings you’ve seen and/or flagged.

Hopefully it helps in your next apartment hunt.

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