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Some basic feh commands

feh is a lightweight image viewer aimed mainly at users of command line interfaces.

View images locally or using a URL:

feh {{path/to/images}}

View images recursively:

feh --recursive {{path/to/images}}

View images without window borders:

feh --borderless {{path/to/images}}

Exit after the last image:

feh --cycle-once {{path/to/images}}

Set the slideshow cycle delay:

feh --slideshow-delay {{seconds}} {{path/to/images}}

Set your wallpaper (centered, filled, maximized, scaled or tiled):

feh --bg-{{center|fill|max|scale|tile}} {{path/to/image}}

Create a montage of all images within a directory. Outputs as a new image:

feh --montage --thumb-height {{150}} --thumb-width {{150}} --index-info "{{%nn%wx%h}}" --output {{path/to/montage_image.png}}

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