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Web Development Fundamentals - Clients & Servers


A client is a process that basically requests data from a server. As we're talking about the web, the browsers are clients requesting HTML pages from servers.


Process providing service/data for a client

Client/Server Model

Clients requesting data from servers

Note: A piece of code/machine/software can be both server and client at the same time because it could act as a client requesting data from a database and serving a service as a server.

We've been used to associate Clients to Frontend and Servers to Backend

About the codebase executing on the client and the server:


  • End-users can see all of the code (Browsers)
  • Need to be fast
  • Low computing power (depends on the end-user)
  • Cannot access Database directly (you can store information in the Browser, but in this case, we need information/data shared across users)


  • Hidden code and implementation details
  • Slow (compared to clients because we need to wait on the network)
  • Scalable computing power (💰💰💰💰💰)
  • Can access Database easily and share information across users

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