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Mauro Garcia
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Presenting TypeIt: A VSCode extension for content creators

Today I wanted to share with you a side-project I've been working on with @paulasantamaria .

It's called TypeIt: Typing animations for content creators

TypeIt is a VSCode extension that retypes your code so you can record it.

Why TypeIt?

Sometimes we just want to write code at our own pace, test it, and, once we are comfortable, share it online as code snippets or tutorials. We may not want to memorize and write the code all over again just to record it. That's when TypeIt comes in. Use it to automatically retype the code you want to share.

Plus, you can choose different modes, adjust the typing speed and even retype multiple documents in parallel!

This video demonstrates how TypeIt can be used to create and share content:

More info

If you want to learn more about it, you can visit our website.

We would love to hear your thoughts 💬

What do you think about TypeIt?
Would you try it?
Let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below👇

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Jose Gracia Berenguer

That's actually pretty cool!

mauro_codes profile image
Mauro Garcia

Thanks Jose! Let me know if there is any feature you would like us to consider for future releases.