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What have you automated?

mauro_goncalo profile image mg 🌵 ・1 min read

You can talk about everyday stuff, fun things, anything really... Big or small...

I'll start: a year ago, I automated apartment hunting and I'm happy to report I found one. To do it, I built multiple scrappers in nodejs. Every time there was a new apartment matching my requirements, it would notify me and add a new line to a google spreadsheet.

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Me and my girlfriend hate doing the shopping because it takes forever to come up with all the meal ideas and snacks and stuff so I made a little website where I can click a button and get a random list of 7 snacks, meals, deserts etc. So it chooses for me! It uses arrays of items I add to whenever I think of something new or nice - at some point I'll add the ability add the list to the tescos app for easy ordering! It makes shopping much easier! ✌🏻😁

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mg 🌵 Author

Very nice! Is it open source or online?