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My Hacktoberfest Story!!

            A Rollercoaster ride !!
            npm install Hacktoberfest2020
            const cool=require('hacktoberfest2020')
            app.listen(2020,console.log('Start Hacking'));
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Hey Everyone, I am Viswanath Akhil from India and I am a 3rd year CS Undergrad. I heard a lot about Hacktoberfest all my first two years in engineering but never got to know what it is. But...recently I took part in my first Hacktoberfest by @digitalocean and this is my story.

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I have been programming for the last 2 years and I have hardly contributed to the open-source although I have been active on my Github and have worked on amazing projects so far with my friends who were into programming just like me. But this was the first time that I had contributed to a large codebase and it has been a roller coaster experience for me since day 1. The hardest part for me was not about contributing to the open-source rather it was picking up a project which was valid to work on since this was my first time participating. After hours of searching, I had 3 projects that I could finally contribute to.

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The process was a daunting experience for me as there were already a lot of people contributing to the repo that I was contributing to and I was scared whether my PR will be accepted. I am glad I did not create a PR from my friend's repo as I thought of doing it to complete my PR's but a week down the lane Hacktoberfest changed the rules and regulations that repo without labels will be rejected.

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I contributed to almost 4 repositories and completed a total of 9 PR's in the first week which went under a review period of 14 days before being accepted as valid.

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Overall, it's been an amazing experience to finally complete my Hacktoberfest challenge, and I am glad that my PR's were accepted.

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