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Web scrapping is about getting the data in the web in a form of a HTML code.It's legal depending on what are doing with this tool .It's a tool in which data scientists use it.The goal is to extract specific information in a programming method.We can use to find tags like

or certain images ,plus we can extract data tables to use as datasets for pandas project or even Excel.

For simplicity I'm going to use BeautifulSoup library ,we can use soup functionality instead of strings.To check the result of your code ,you can simply right click the webpage and select inspect, and that you inspect the HTML code of the page and compare it to your results in the python IDE you use.We can use class keyword in the HTML code of a page also ,and not forget to see other tags such as ('tr') or ('td') and so on.

Note :I used this site in my code ,you can try it on any site you like.

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