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Sundae Club - Ruby on Rails Livestreams for Learners

I’ve recently started live-streaming Ruby on Rails coding again 🎉 I really enjoyed the stint I did last year and appreciated everyone that got in touch.

Check out my new channel, Sundae Club, where we'll be working on a Rails app together.

Each week (usually Sunday morning, UK time) I’ll be working on a different part of the app and, as it develops, use questions from learners to experiment with different approaches for different features.

The livestreams aren’t tutorials, they’re more like working on some code together in real-time, but I hope they’ll be useful for people that have started, or are interested in, learning Ruby on Rails.

I'm also hoping that nothing needs to be watched live, all the streams are saved as YouTube videos, so you can go back and watch anything you find useful.

Here are the first few streams if you want to check them out:

‘rails new’ for the first time in a long time. -

Creating our initials models, associations and a front-end. -

Rebasing work-in-progress git commits into a pull request -

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