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Live-streaming working on a Rails app.

Hi! 👋 I originally posted this on Reddit and it seemed to get a decent response so I've re-posted it here in case other people want to leave feedback. You can see examples of feedback so far in the comments of this post and this one.

I find that I don't get the time to write-up the things I'm working on in Rails, but still want to talk about them. I'd seen some people recently live-streaming their workflow and found it interesting, so I thought I'd try out a dummy run, I enjoyed doing it and showed it to a couple of people who suggested I post it.

I didn't have time to do a tutorial or anything like that, I tried to provide some context as best I could, but pretty much something wasn't working as expected while I was building a feature, so I just recorded me tracking it down and tried to narrate as best I could.

Is this useful or interesting to anyone? If so, I'd love to know what specifically is useful/interesting about this or watching coding in general so I know what I could focus on to make sure I was providing some value. If not, what kind of Rails content do you prefer? Thanks!

Context: I work on an app that helps organisations (especially good causes), run events, fundraise and run campaigns.

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Viktor Kunavin

What extensions are you using in vscode?

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Max Shelley • Edited

Apparently I use these one (list attached), although there's a couple on there I don't remember installing and I'm pretty sure I don't use much, like the vscode-gemfile extension. There's also one in there for some Squarespace work I'm doing, so as you can see it's not hugely customised for Rails, but I find I'm able to get around pretty well.

I tried some other Ruby ones to enable better auto-complete etc. but they were buggy and kept spiking my CPU.