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Share your webperf best practices

mbalabash profile image Maksim Balabash ・2 min read

Hi devs 👋

Last few weeks I have been working on a project that is not doing pretty well with web performance.

Although in the public field we constantly hear that web performance is important, I haven't seen many teams that have a well-built web performance optimization culture.

It would be great if we could share our examples and best practices.

I came up with a survey that I hope might be interesting. If you would like to describe in a detailed manner your processes for monitoring and optimizing web performance, please share them with us (it could be really useful for others).


1. How many people are in your project team?

2. Which field is your project related to? (e-commerce, health, education, etc)

3. Describe practices and tools which you use on your project to improve web performance?

4. Which of the negative consequences of poor web performance are the most critical for your project? (you can list own options)

  • a) users are less engaged and are less likely to buy/use your product;

  • b) it impacts negatively the perception of your brand;

  • c) it leads to exclusion of some users.

5. Do you know how web performance correlates with conversion rates and/or other product metrics for your project?

6. Do you have any web performance targets that you are aiming for?

7. Is there any kind of web performance budget for your project?

8. Have you ever faced a regressive web performance degradation issue? (after merging some changes from pr or after dependencies upgrade, etc)

9. Do you use any kind of web performance monitoring tool on your project?

10. Do you measure web performance on your real users' devices?

11. Do you track your own app metrics using the Custom Metrics API?

That's all 🎉

Thanks for your attention 🙏

I would be really glad to speak with you if you send me your interesting cases and/or problems from your experience.


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