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Its finally that time of the year. The imagine cup 2021 registration are open and waiting for you to finally fulfill your passion.

With just less than fifty days left on the clock , it's about time for you to register.
The process is easy-peasy.
First you have to create your team. You also have the option to join a team.
Alt Text
The application process involves writing a few words about yourselves as the team members and what your project is about. You also have to submit the title to the project and each member must be registered to the imagine cup account.

Thereafter there is one final important detail,The Microsoft Learn Challenge.

For this year, the cup has four different categories; Education, Earth, Health and Lifestyle.

Under each are two modules and all participants are required to complete one of each for the category they wish to submit to.

The Microsoft Learn Challenge is an important prerequisite and one is required to submit their unique URL as prove of completion for team members.
For more information on the same.
And get started on your Microsoft Learn Challenge for the imaginΓ© cup 2021.

The submission of one's project for the online semifinals competition requires a completion of the Microsoft Learn Challenge. The fulfilment of both could have you as one of the winners of the last given time period of the challenge for 250 dollars cash prize.

The precious time period of 1-30th November has already had its winners about . Buckle up and let's get on the grind
Good luck champions and live your passion.

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