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Mourad Bougarne
Mourad Bougarne

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It's my first post here besides I'm not good in writing introduction and I don't blog for a long time, but I will start with some questions before that I want to give a brief about who I am?

A full stack developer in PHP and JavaScript:

  • PHP: (Vanilla: Design Patterns, OOP, PDO - MySQL), Laravel ecosys
  • JavaScript:
    • Front-end: Vue(Vuex, Vuetify and Nuxt)
    • Back-end: Node/Express/MongoDB
    • Mobile: Ionic

I just start learning Python for a month a go, now the questions are:

  • It is okay to stuck with docs?
  • Doesn't back to'em about anything considered a bad practice?
  • Can you accept a job offer although you using docs when you coding or google about issues/bugs that you facing?

I mean you as a programmer/developer or even engineer is it okay for you to go back to docs of languages/frameworks/technologies that you use? I'm kinda feel ashamed when I can't remember about: functions, APIs... then go to official website and start reading about it, a lot of time doing this to the same thing that I searched about it before as example in Laravel, I can't move on from authorization/queues/testing each time I want to use them in a project I back to docs for help, the samething with Vuex especially for Mutations and Actions without talking about Node and mongo.

I don't know but I feel that isn't a good thing and because of that I canceled job offers. I just want your thought about it.

Thank You.

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William Antonelli

Watch Twitch. I follow a dev that works at Netflix, and he constantly looks at docs. Feel no shame for doing that.

Finding what you're looking for quickly is what you should be concerned with.

Knowledge sticks the more you use the same thing over and over.

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Yassine Rassy • Edited

I had the same feelings before but you know there is no shame to search for what you need to complete your projects cause we are a humain and not everyone have a good memory to remember all thoese stuff