Does automated testing reduce the technical debt in your team?

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I have observed that automated have contributed to reducing the technical debt in my projects by allowing new or junior developers to get set up quickly; from debugging, developing new features, fixing bugs to publishing the code to production, with little or no effort.

Whats your experience?
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It can if the automated tests are put in place prior to paying down technical debt. For example, if there is an area of the system with a lot of tech debt, and it needs a heavy to refactor and/or a full re-write, covering it in tests allows you to have a lot of confidence as you work to pay your tech-debt down. This general process is discussed in the book "Working effectively with legacy code."


For me tests don't reduce the debt itself but It reduce unexpected time loss. And thus make development management more predictable.


true, a lot of time is saved... it however saves a lot more time for new devs

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