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I maintain Massive.js but I do that because it's fun and interesting. It's not really monetizable.


Make this so stable, easy to use, and fast in performance... I can bet you don't have to ask, the community will request you to receive some donation


oh, I could probably get something if I set up a Patreon or similar, but it's never going to be my day job.


Won't make me money, but my latest and greatest is a streaming site (pseudo netflix clone) on my server because I was too lazy to keep copying files between laptop / computer / phone. CC media, obviously.


That’s awesome! Is there anything specific that turned you away from Plex?


Actually I had never looked into any existing libraries or software, at the time I had free time and wanted to experiment with building it from scratch. I also host a few other apps on the server so I went with the "easiest" way where I could simply modify the existing server architecture. That being said, I may look into Plex or other frameworks and maybe disect or integrate them in, so thanks for the heads up.


If you don't intend to make money from it, then make it public... Get help building it... You could start getting funded to do it...


That's a great suggestion - I might just do that. I still want to polish it up a bit before releasing it to the wild, but it's been backlogged due to long days.


Working on a platform where people can hire programming mentor and learn everything needeed to achieve individual goal (become junior, become senior, just get basic skills, may be get deep dive into particular topic etc).

Doing it since some years, currently 2 people work on it fulltime (co-founder and support agent), I am doing it on free time, combining with my primary freelance projects.

Idea is that we do not put students into artificial interactive browser-based far-from-real-life sandbox and we do not produce more learning content - there is already plenty out there, so we carefully re-used existing one.


WOW, this is very genius... i can bet that this will be a worth while project! The website is also elegant, especially the home page...


Thanks! After Russia's government blocked us during the holy war against Telegram we are trying to focus on english-speaking market more and your feedback is very valuable :)


I just started working on a little pet project, the idea is to make a chat server where you can only communicate through Haikus. Started it yesterday though, so all I have is a data access layer that can make and select Users haha


I work on Emojityper, which started as a silly colab between friends and now has a reasonable number of users, many of whom seem to be my IRL friends and colleagues. It's quite encouraging to get personal feedback.

But it's also grown into a place to showcase interesting web technologies, which is my job, so that's been a great feeling—that I can learn even when I'm doing something purely for fun/personal motivations.


Just launched Got tired of job posts not including important info like salary.

The plan is to work employers to start writing more transparent job post and stop wasting time on both sides.

If you've got any ideas or info you'd like to see on job posts more often, get in touch!


Fully descriptive job posts are awesome...


I currently maintain Dramatiq and molten. Dramatiq started out dual-licensed under a commercial license and the AGPL but I subsequently changed it to LGPL due to time constraints and because I wanted it to have a higher adoption rate than it did and the AGPL impeded that.


python is quickly being adopted both as a learning programming language and commercial language... depending on how it simplifies things, these libraries could find their way into the core of some projects like Django... Keep up the great work work...


I listen to a lot of podcasts, and a while ago I thought of a few features I'd like to have, that my current player (Pocketcasts) doesn't have. So, I started building my own. But, it will probably not get to a point where I'd want to use it full-time, or make any money of of it. But it's a fun project, and I've learnt a lot.


If it is fun, then it is worth your time... And you learn at the same time...


I just have too many and cannot concentrate properly.

Analog audio processing on the cloud, 300 users.

Email collection forms for developers, 50 users:

NLP for Spanish in JavaScript, 33 stars:


This is great... there is a site called that you can learn from other Solopreneurs on how they do it...


Am an artist too... Would be great to get what a song really
meant... Especially love songs... With a good target market,you could make this a million dollar company... Like shazam


Orchid has been my passion project for about a year and a half now. It's a new static site generator for Java and Kotlin, with lots of plugins, including replacing the horribly dated standard Javadoc sites.

I hope it will one day be the standard to document Java projects because of the Javadoc integration, and also for it to become popular documenting other languages as well (it also documents Swift code, and Kotlin is on the roadmap).

I've only recently taken it public so the project is still fairly new, but it's quite stable and I've started writing a series of tutorials here on how to get started using Orchid. Here's the first of the series, there are 4 out right now.


This would be easy to get funded by Open source community... Looks promising


I just started a few weeks ago on a project which is a marketplace for game mod/plugin makers. Developers can ask a small fee for the mod or just put it up for free whatever they prefer.

Writing the front-end in angular 5 and the back-end in .NET


I'm not trying to make money with this specific project but I've been working on it a lot


You will be surprised by how people are willing to pay for anything that makes their lives easier... You could make it like a tax calculator for a specific country...


I don't have one! I wish I did. ADHD, working, and life in general always got in the way of past projects. :(


Yep! Something like this - it's name boogeyman. Making personal project on one day give us passion to keep working like programmer, isn't it?


True... making an extra coin isn't bad either...

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