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Highly suggested React Course

Today, I'm sharing highly curated & selected courses to learn React knowledge with practical examples. I started my web development journey with Angular 1.6 in 2016 and this was super easy for me to make projects.

After playing with Angular for 1 year then I got to know about Reactjs and I dive into this and decide to build something with React.

So, I was loving React.js & decide to become a master in this. So, I ask some suggestion about which course should I take to learn to React. I took a couple of courses for React & I'm sharing them here.

I'll only suggest two courses that will make you master in React development journey.

React For Beginners

React Begineers

This is the first course I took to confirm my basic with React that I'm going in the right direction or not. I finished the course in 2 days & in the course 80% new things I learned. Highly Recommended.

Link to the course

Master Gatsby

Master Gatsby

If you are a React developer then definitely you know about Gatsby. Gatsby is a React framework to make static websites with lots of built-in features like caching, preloading, & more.

I was building the Gatsby website for 1.2 years & I made 6-7 Gatsby projects.

Link to the course

I can guarantee you that these two courses will worth your single penny. WesBos make these course with the examples that explain code logic in real-time.


Please leave the comment with your recommended courses. Thanks

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