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AWS CLI Cheatsheet

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I heavily rely on CLI tools rather than GUI/Web interface. AWS CLI is a great tool to manage AWS resources across different accounts, regions and environments.

I have published a curated list of frequent AWS commands that might come handy.

Tools Required

All Resource, Account, ARN, Hostname etc are generated using Faker. They do not match any real user data.

Table of Contents

Pro Tip!

If you have multiple AWS Accounts, you can use bash alias like the following. So you no longer need to pass --profile to aws tool.

alias aws-prod="aws --profile work-prod"
alias aws-dev="aws --profile work-dev"
alias aws-self="aws --profile personal"
alias aws="aws --profile work-dev"

To format aws command output into tables, you can pipe output to column -t.

# aws ec2 describe-instances | jq ...
i-0f112d652ecf13dac c3.x2large fisher.com
i-0b3b5128445a332db t2.nano robinson.com

# aws ec2 describe-instances | jq ... | column -t
i-0f112d652ecf13dac  c3.x2large  fisher.com
i-0b3b5128445a332db  t2.nano     robinson.com

๐Ÿ–ฅ EC2

List Instance ID, Type and Name

aws ec2 describe-instances | jq -r '.Reservations[].Instances[]|.InstanceId+" "+.InstanceType+" "+(.Tags[] | select(.Key == "Name").Value)'
i-0f112d652ecf13dac  c3.xlarge  fisher.com
i-0b3b5128445a332db  t2.nano    robinson.com
i-0d1c1cf4e980ac593  t2.micro   nolan.com
i-004ee6b792c3b6914  t2.nano    grimes-green.net
i-00f11e8e33c971058  t2.nano    garrett.com

List Instances with Public IP Address and Name

You can directly put this to your /etc/hosts

aws ec2 describe-instances --query 'Reservations[*].Instances[?not_null(PublicIpAddress)]' | jq -r '.[][]|.PublicIpAddress+" "+(.Tags[]|select(.Key=="Name").Value)'    fisher.com  robinson.com  nolan.com   grimes-green.net   garrett.com

List of VPCs and CIDR IP Block

aws ec2 describe-vpcs | jq -r '.Vpcs[]|.VpcId+" "+(.Tags[]|select(.Key=="Name").Value)+" "+.CidrBlock'
vpc-0d1c1cf4e980ac593  frontend-vpc
vpc-00f11e8e33c971058  backend-vpc

List of Subnets for a VPC

aws ec2 describe-subnets --filter Name=vpc-id,Values=vpc-0d1c1cf4e980ac593 | jq -r '.Subnets[]|.SubnetId+" "+.CidrBlock+" "+(.Tags[]|select(.Key=="Name").Value)'
subnet-0dae5d4daa47fe4a2  Public Subnet 1
subnet-0641a25faccb01f0f   Private Subnet 2
subnet-09fb8038641f1f36f    Private Subnet 1
subnet-02a63c67684d8deed  Public Subnet 2

List of Security Groups

aws ec2 describe-security-groups | jq -r '.SecurityGroups[]|.GroupId+" "+.GroupName'
sg-02a63c67684d8deed  backend-db
sg-0dae5d4daa47fe4a2  backend-redis
sg-0a56bff7b12264282  frontend-lb
sg-0641a25faccb01f0f  frontend-https
sg-09fb8038641f1f36f  internal-ssh

Print Security Groups for an Instance

aws ec2 describe-instances --instance-ids i-0dae5d4daa47fe4a2 | jq -r '.Reservations[].Instances[].SecurityGroups[]|.GroupId+" "+.GroupName'
sg-02a63c67684d8deed  backend-db
sg-0dae5d4daa47fe4a2  backend-redis

Edit Security Groups of an Instance

You have to provide existing Security Group IDs as well

aws ec2 modify-instance-attribute --instance-id i-0dae5d4daa47fe4a2 --groups sg-02a63c67684d8deed sg-0dae5d4daa47fe4a2

Print Security Group Rules as FromAddress and ToPort

aws ec2 describe-security-groups --group-ids sg-02a63c67684d8deed | jq -r '.SecurityGroups[].IpPermissions[]|. as $parent|(.IpRanges[].CidrIp+" "+($parent.ToPort|tostring))'    3306  3306  3306   3306  3306

Add Rule to Security Group

aws ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress --group-id sg-02a63c67684d8deed --protocol tcp --port 443 --cidr

Delete Rule from Security Group

aws ec2 revoke-security-group-ingress --group-id sg-02a63c67684d8deed --protocol tcp --port 443 --cidr

Edit Rules of Security Group

You have to provide All IP Ranges as well

aws ec2 update-security-group-rule-descriptions-ingress --group-id sg-02a63c67684d8deed --ip-permissions 'ToPort=443,IpProtocol=tcp,IpRanges=[{CidrIp=,Description=Home}]'

Delete Security Group

aws ec2 delete-security-group --group-id sg-02a63c67684d8deed

๐Ÿงบ S3

List Buckets

aws s3 ls
2020-01-28 18:49:50 customer-data-primary
2020-01-28 18:50:22 customer-data-backup
2020-01-28 18:50:54 wordpress-cdn
2020-01-28 18:52:25 backend-artifacts-20200220-deployment

List Files in a Bucket

aws s3 ls wordpress-cdn/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/04/
2019-10-04 15:02:02     133557 amazing-content.jpg
2019-10-04 15:02:02       2986 amazing-content-103x50.jpg
2019-10-04 15:02:02       5640 amazing-content-120x120.jpg
2019-10-04 15:02:02       7924 amazing-content-150x150.jpg

Create Bucket

aws s3 mb s3://my-awesome-new-bucket
make_bucket: my-awesome-new-bucket

Delete Bucket

aws s3 rb s3://my-awesome-new-bucket --force

Download S3 Object to Local

aws s3 cp s3://my-awesome-new-bucket .
download: ./backup.tar from s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/backup.tar

Upload Local File as S3 Object

aws s3 cp backup.tar s3://my-awesome-new-bucket
upload: ./backup.tar to s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/backup.tar

Delete S3 Object

aws s3 rm s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/secret-file.gz .
delete: s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/secret-file.gz

Download Bucket to Local

aws s3 sync s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/ /media/Passport-Ultra/Backup

Upload Local Directory to Bucket

aws s3 sync /home/minhaz/Downloads s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/

Share S3 Object without Public Access

aws s3 presign s3://my-awesome-new-bucket/business-reports.pdf --expires-in 3600

โš™๏ธ API Gateway

List of API Gateway IDs and Names

aws apigateway get-rest-apis | jq -r '.items[] | .id+" "+.name'
5e3221cf8  backend-api
69ef7d4c8  frontend-api
bb1e3c281  partner-api
f99796943  internal-crm-api
ee86b4cde  import-data-api

List of API Gateway Keys

aws apigateway get-api-keys | jq -r '.items[] | .id+" "+.name'
ee86b4cde   backend-api-key
69ef7d4c8   partner-api-key

List API Gateway Domain Names

aws apigateway get-domain-names | jq -r '.items[] | .domainName+" "+.regionalDomainName'
backend-api.mdminhazulhaque.io   d-ee86b4cde.execute-api.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com
frontend-api.mdminhazulhaque.io  d-bb1e3c281.execute-api.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com

List of Resources for API Gateway

aws apigateway get-resources --rest-api-id ee86b4cde  | jq -r '.items[] | .id+" "+.path'
ee86b4cde  /{proxy+}
69ef7d4c8  /

Find Lambda for API Gateway Resource

aws apigateway get-integration --rest-api-id ee86b4cde --resource-id 69ef7d4c8 --http-method GET | jq -r '.uri'

๐Ÿ”€ ELB

List of ELB Hostnames

aws elbv2 describe-load-balancers --query 'LoadBalancers[*].DNSName'  | jq -r 'to_entries[] | .value'

List of ELB ARNs

aws elbv2 describe-load-balancers | jq -r '.LoadBalancers[] | .LoadBalancerArn'

List of ELB Target Group ARNs

aws elbv2 describe-target-groups | jq -r '.TargetGroups[] | .TargetGroupArn'

Find Instances for a Target Group

aws elbv2 describe-target-health --target-group-arn arn:aws:elasticloadbalancing:ap-southeast-1:987654321:targetgroup/wordpress-ph/88f517d6b5326a26 | jq -r '.TargetHealthDescriptions[] | .Target.Id'

๐Ÿ’พ RDS

List of DB Clusters

aws rds describe-db-clusters | jq -r '.DBClusters[] | .DBClusterIdentifier+" "+.Endpoint'
backend-prod   backend-prod.cluster-b6da07d35.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com
internal-prod  internal-dev.cluster-b6da07d35.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com

List of DB Instances

aws rds describe-db-instances | jq -r '.DBInstances[] | .DBInstanceIdentifier+" "+.DBInstanceClass+" "+.Endpoint.Address'
backend-dev   db.t3.medium  backend-prod.b6da07d35.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com
internal-dev  db.t2.micro   internal-dev.b6da07d35.ap-southeast-1.rds.amazonaws.com

Take DB Instance Snapshot

aws rds create-db-snapshot --db-snapshot-identifier backend-dev-snapshot-0001 --db-instance-identifier backend-dev
aws rds describe-db-snapshots --db-snapshot-identifier backend-dev-snapshot-0001 --db-instance-identifier general

Take DB Cluster Snapshot

aws rds create-db-cluster-snapshot --db-cluster-snapshot-identifier backend-prod-snapshot-0002 --db-cluster-identifier backend-prod
aws rds describe-db-cluster-snapshots --db-cluster-snapshot-identifier backend-prod-snapshot-0002 --db-cluster-identifier backend-prod

๐Ÿ”ฐ ElastiCache

List of ElastiCache Machine Type and Name

aws elasticache describe-cache-clusters | jq -r '.CacheClusters[] | .CacheNodeType+" "+.CacheClusterId'
cache.t2.micro  backend-login-hk
cache.t2.micro  backend-login-vn
cache.t2.micro  backend-login-sg

List of ElastiCache Replication Groups

aws elasticache describe-replication-groups | jq -r '.ReplicationGroups[] | .ReplicationGroupId+" "+.NodeGroups[].PrimaryEndpoint.Address'
backend-login-hk backend-login-hk.6da35.ng.0001.apse1.cache.amazonaws.com
backend-login-vn backend-login-vn.6da35.ng.0001.apse1.cache.amazonaws.com
backend-login-sg backend-login-sg.6da35.ng.0001.apse1.cache.amazonaws.com

List of ElastiCache Snapshots

aws elasticache describe-snapshots | jq -r '.Snapshots[] | .SnapshotName'

Create ElastiCache Snapshot

aws elasticache create-snapshot --snapshot-name backend-login-hk-snap-0001 --replication-group-id backend-login-hk --cache-cluster-id backend-login-hk

Delete ElastiCache Snapshot

aws elasticache delete-snapshot --snapshot-name backend-login-hk-snap-0001

Scale Up/Down ElastiCache Replica

aws elasticache increase-replica-count --replication-group-id backend-login-hk --apply-immediately
aws elasticache decrease-replica-count --replication-group-id backend-login-hk --apply-immediately

๐Ÿ“œ Lambda

List of Lambda Functions, Runtime and Memory

aws lambda list-functions | jq -r '.Functions[] | .FunctionName+" "+.Runtime+" "+(.MemorySize|tostring)'
backend-api-function           nodejs8.10  512
backend-signup-email-function  nodejs10.x  128
partner-api-8XJAP1VVLYA7       python3.7   128
marketing-promo-sqs-function   nodejs10.x  128

List of Lambda Layers

aws lambda list-layers | jq -r '.Layers[] | .LayerName'

List of Source Event for Lambda

aws lambda list-event-source-mappings | jq -r '.EventSourceMappings[] | .FunctionArn+" "+.EventSourceArn'
arn:aws:lambda:function:backend-api-function           arn:aws:dynamodb:table/prod-user-list/stream
arn:aws:lambda:function:backend-signup-email-function  arn:aws:dynamodb:table/prod-user-email/stream
arn:aws:lambda:function:partner-api-8XJAP1VVLYA7       arn:aws:sqs:partner-input-msg-queue
arn:aws:lambda:function:marketing-promo-sqs-function   arn:aws:sqs:promo-input-msg-queue

Download Lambda Code

aws lambda get-function --function-name DynamoToSQS | jq -r .Code.Location

๐Ÿ“Š Cloudwatch

List of CloudWatch Alarms and Status

aws cloudwatch describe-alarms | jq -r '.MetricAlarms[] | .AlarmName+" "+.Namespace+" "+.StateValue'
backend-autoscale  AWS/EC2             OK
backend-lb         AWS/ApplicationELB  OK
partner-hk         AWS/ECS             ALARM
partner-vn         AWS/ECS             ALARM
partner-sg         AWS/ECS             ALARM
userdata-read      AWS/DynamoDB        OK
userdata-write     AWS/DynamoDB        OK

๐Ÿ“ข SNS

List of SNS Topics

aws sns list-topics | jq -r '.Topics[] | .TopicArn'

List of SNS Topic and related Subscriptions

aws sns list-subscriptions | jq -r '.Subscriptions[] | .TopicArn+" "+.Protocol+" "+.Endpoint'
arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:autoscale-notifications    lambda  arn:aws:lambda:function:autoscale-function
arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:backend-api-monitoring     email   alert@mdminhazulhaque.io
arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:dynamodb-count-check       email   alert@mdminhazulhaque.io
arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:partner-integration-check  lambda  arn:aws:lambda:function:partner-function
arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:autoscale-notifications    lambda  arn:aws:lambda:function:autoscale-function

Publish to SNS Topic

aws sns publish --topic-arn arn:aws:sns:ap-southeast-1:987654321:backend-api-monitoring \
    --message "Panic!!!" \
    --subject "The API is down!!!"

๐ŸŒ DynamoDB

List of DynamoDB Tables

aws dynamodb list-tables | jq -r .TableNames[]

Get All Items from a Table

This command will stream ALL items untill SIGINT is sent

aws dynamodb scan --table-name events 

Get Item Count from a Table

aws dynamodb scan --table-name events --select COUNT | jq .ScannedCount

Get Item using Key

aws dynamodb get-item --table-name events --key '{"email""admin@mdminhazulhaque.io"}}'
    "Item": {
        "email": {
            "S": "admin@mdminhazulhaque.io"
        "created_at": {
            "N": "1554780667296"
        "event_type": {
            "S": "DISPATCHED"

Get Specific Fields from an Item

aws dynamodb get-item --table-name events --key '{"email""admin@mdminhazulhaque.io"}}' --attributes-to-get event_type
    "Item": {
        "event_type": {
            "S": "DISPATCHED"

Delete Item using Key

aws dynamodb delete-item --table-name events --key '{"email""admin@mdminhazulhaque.io"}}'

๐Ÿ”„ SQS

List Queues

aws sqs list-queues | jq -r '.QueueUrls[]'

Create Queue

aws sqs create-queue --queue-name public-events.fifo | jq -r .QueueUrl

Send Message

aws sqs send-message --queue-url https://ap-southeast-1.queue.amazonaws.com/987654321/public-events.fifo --message-body Hello
    "MD5OfMessageBody": "37b51d194a7513e45b56f6524f2d51f2",
    "MessageId": "4226398e-bab0-4bee-bf5a-8e7ae18c855a"

Receive Message

aws sqs receive-message --queue-url https://ap-southeast-1.queue.amazonaws.com/987654321/public-events.fifo | jq -r '.Messages[] | .Body'

Delete Message

aws sqs delete-message --queue-url https://ap-southeast-1.queue.amazonaws.com/987654321/public-events.fifo --receipt-handle "AQEBpqKLxNb8rIOn9ykSeCkKebNzn0BrEJ3Cg1RS6MwID2t1oYHCnMP06GnuVZGzt7kpWXZ5ieLQ=="

Purge Queue

aws sqs purge-queue --queue-url https://ap-southeast-1.queue.amazonaws.com/987654321/public-events.fifo

Delete Queue

aws sqs delete-queue --queue-url https://ap-southeast-1.queue.amazonaws.com/987654321/public-events.fifo

๐ŸŒ CloudFront

List of CloudFront Distributions and Origins

aws cloudfront list-distributions | jq -r '.DistributionList.Items[] | .DomainName+" "+.Origins.Items[0].DomainName'
d9d5bb1e3c281f.cloudfront.net  frontend-prod-hk.s3.amazonaws.com
d12b09e8a0a996.cloudfront.net  frontend-prod-vn.s3.amazonaws.com
db64e7e9b3cc22.cloudfront.net  frontend-prod-sg.s3.amazonaws.com
d5e3221cf8b921.cloudfront.net  cdn.mdminhazulhaque.io

๐Ÿ…ฐ๏ธ Amplify

List of Amplify Apps and Source Repository

aws amplify list-apps | jq -r '.apps[] | .name+" "+.defaultDomain+" "+.repository'
fe-vn  d9d5bb1e3c281f.amplifyapp.com  https://bitbucket.org/aws/frontend-vn
fe-hk  db64e7e9b3cc22.amplifyapp.com  https://bitbucket.org/aws/frontend-hk
fe-sg  d5e3221cf8b921.amplifyapp.com  https://bitbucket.org/aws/frontend-sg

๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿป Cognito

List of User Pool IDs and Names

aws cognito-idp list-user-pools --max-results 60 | jq -r '.UserPools[] | .Id+" "+.Name'
ap-southeast-1_b6da07d35 prod-users
ap-southeast-1_b6da07d34 dev-users

List of Phone and Email of All Users

aws cognito-idp list-users --user-pool-id ap-southeast-1_b6da07d35 | jq -r '.Users[].Attributes | from_entries | .sub + " " + .phone_number + " " + .email'
585fb96e-525c-4f9b-9d41-865d2dffde9b +601122334455 admin@mdminhazulhaque.io
71f2778c-8e21-4775-94dc-e363c77d1ae1 +601122334455 foo@bar.com
8fc1882e-e661-49db-88e6-45d370bc352a +601122334455 cli@aws.com

๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿป IAM User

List of UserId and UserName

aws iam list-users | jq -r '.Users[]|.UserId+" "+.UserName'

Get Single User

aws iam get-user --user-name kaiser

Add User

aws iam create-user --user-name audit-temp

Delete User

aws iam delete-user --user-name audit-temp

List Access Keys for User

aws iam list-access-keys --user-name audit-temp | jq -r .AccessKeyMetadata[].AccessKeyId

Delete Access Key for User

aws iam delete-access-key --user-name audit-temp --access-key-id AKIABWIOJIQFOLNBXXCVSUQ

Activate/Deactivate Access Key for User

aws iam update-access-key --status Inactive --user-name audit-temp --access-key-id AKIABWIOJIQFOLNBXXCVSUQ
aws iam update-access-key --status Active   --user-name audit-temp --access-key-id AKIABWIOJIQFOLNBXXCVSUQ

Generate New Access Key for User

aws iam create-access-key --user-name audit-temp | jq -r '.AccessKey | .AccessKeyId+" "+.SecretAccessKey'

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ IAM Group

List Groups

aws iam list-groups | jq -r .Groups[].GroupName

Add/Delete Groups

aws iam create-group --group-name business-ro
aws iam delete-group --group-name business-ro

List of Policies and ARNs

aws iam list-policies               | jq -r '.Policies[]|.PolicyName+" "+.Arn'
aws iam list-policies --scope AWS   | jq -r '.Policies[]|.PolicyName+" "+.Arn'
aws iam list-policies --scope Local | jq -r '.Policies[]|.PolicyName+" "+.Arn'

List of User/Group/Roles for a Policy

aws iam list-entities-for-policy --policy-arn arn:aws:iam::987654321:policy/Marketing-ReadOnly

List Policies for a Group

aws iam list-attached-group-policies --group-name business-ro

Add Policy to a Group

aws iam attach-group-policy --group-name business-ro --policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/DynamoDBReadOnlyAccess

Add User to a Group

aws iam add-user-to-group --group-name business-ro --user-name marketing-michael

Remove User from a Group

aws iam remove-user-from-group --group-name business-ro --user-name marketing-alice

List Users in a Group

aws iam get-group --group-name business-ro

List Groups for a User

aws iam list-groups-for-user --user-name qa-bob

Attach/Detach Policy to a Group

aws iam detach-group-policy --group-name business-ro --policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/DynamoDBFullAccess
aws iam attach-group-policy --group-name business-ro --policy-arn arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/DynamoDBFullAccess

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