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I need a mentor.

medaminemod profile image Amine Modni ・2 min read

Hello everyone I'm making this post to talk a bit about my self and seek some advices from you experts in the field.
I'm 29 years old I have been introduced to coding back in 2015, my first experience was with making some simple desktop app for managing simple issues like : restaurant billing systems as you know it was only like making mysql a database connect it to the app and make some updating, inserting .. functionalities. After like a year or so, I decided to do some web development so I learned some native php and html css js for making websites, it was okay till I figured out that only php is not enough to make good quality web apps, I heard about Laravel, symphony.. and other frameworks which I wasnt motivated to learn ( asking my self always why do we have to learn all this framework while we can make the same thing with native php ! )
After a break that last for one year, I decided to get back on the road but this time with javascript, I started with libraries like P5js to make html drawing and 2d animating stuff , it was fun at the beginning but soon I realized that it's not something I can make money out of it or get a good job with, so with my fine level in javascript I decided to learn frontend development and this time with using some frameworks. My "take it easy" philosophy led me to discover VueJs. Started to do some experimental work with, and it was super cool, easy to start, easy to keep up.
Now I'm able to make good looking vue apps with help of APIs.
But what bothers me the most is that whenever I read a post on the internet about programming i feel like I'm retarded and I'm missing a lot of things in such a huge world, that's why I'm not feeling satisfied at all.
I'm making this post as my first post ever her on

I wish i can find someone who wants to be my mentor or guide in this vast space.

Thank you :)

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Nikola Brežnjak • Edited

Welcome Amine,

To get a mentor, you first need to know what you want to get from him/her. It's almost a chicken and an egg paradox. Is it just 'what to learn next' kind of guidance in technical aspects or are there also 'soft skills' aspects to it?

I'd say everyone needs both because, as Jim Rohn said, your level of success will rarely exceed your level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become.

So, when you sit down and think about what you want to do, you'll come up with a list of things. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the answers are just a Google search away. Then, when you've tried a few things, and are still at an impasse, then the mentor is going to be super valuable.

The beauty of struggling, and coming to a solution on your own is that you will never forget the experience (and blood, sweat, and tears 🙂). The mentor may give you a shortcut, but the hard work still remains on your plate. I recommend the book Mindset (see here for a bunch of other ones:

And, I acknowledge the fact that this may be too new-agey, or soft-skillsy (word alerts! 🙂) for some, so please proceed at your own pace.

As Shakil noted, you're experiencing an imposter syndrome. I actually argue it's a good thing (to a degree):

TL;DR is: keep on going, learning, building, failing, learning from failure, getting back up, and repeating the cycle. You'll come out as a better developer and person in the end, who will then (hopefully) help others on their journey.

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Shakil Hossain

This is a fairly common phenomenon called impostor syndrome. Read more
This means you are venturing outside your comfort zone which is a good thing when learning new things I guess.