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Argo Tunnels are really fun!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Unrelated: It's been a while since I've written anything, and honestly it sucks. My current job has been draining me too much and job hunting isn't going my way, today I finally got the energy to try something out and that is Argo Tunnels.

So what the heck is an Argo tunnel, in the simplest form its a tunnel to the public internet, which means you can run it on your laptop or a raspberry pi and access your content or network anywhere in the world. Argo Tunnels wasn't free, until April 2021, read about it here Cloudflare Blog Post

To get started you can go ahead and read up on the documentation.


  • Cloudflare account
  • Domain name.

This is a pretty cool concept, if you need a low cost web hosting or just want to demo your work to potential clients.

I launched my portfolio this way, as a means of learning CI/CD, this took me less than 15 minutes to launch so its really a pretty cool concept.
Image of my portfolio

Argo Tunnels honestly doesn't require an entire tutorial, but if needed I can help out if you face any issues while trying to install it.

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Kristiqn Tachev • Edited


I have test it out and find out that when you create a tunnel and then try to delete it it doesn't remove the CNAME artifacts that are created with the CLI which makes it inconvenient for automated processes or making a product at scale.

It worked as expected and i am quite happy to see a working solution provided by cloudflare. Big Ups!

I hope these small problems with left artifacts will be resolved soon.

After i removed the CNAME i try to create again the tunnel with the same name and same subdomain but i got an error attached as a screenshot

I think we should wait a little bit or fix the code as a community since this project is open sourced and everyone can contribute.

Best Regards,
Kristiyan Tachev

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Leon Nunes

Hey Kristiqn,

I hadn't checked that out, I'm sorry that you experienced that.

For some reason I do not see the screenshot of the error, however cloudflared is open source.
So you can file this as a bug here and maybe they can give you hints on how to fix that issue.

In case the fix is easy maybe we could fix it altogether.

As for the tunnel error, cloudflared keeps a configuration file maybe the tunnel name needs to be removed from there, again I do not know as I cannot see this screenshot for some reason.