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Medusa Community Highlights: Strapi Integration, SES Plugin, and More!

Changing the way commerce is built is no easy undertaking. Therefore, we are incredibly excited about our Medusa community, their support, and their amazing contributions that make it easier for others to move to a more modular way of building commerce.

This article is part of an ongoing series that periodically highlights community plugins, storefront starters, quotes, and more. Join our community of over 5,000 developers on Discord to stay updated with all community-related news and discussions. You can also visit our Plugin Library to browse many community contributions.

Latest community contributions

Medusa and Strapi Integration

Medusa and Strapi Integration

Govind Diwakar has created a Strapi monorepository with all the components necessary for you to set up and use Strapi with Medusa. Within this monorepository, you’ll find a Strapi project, a Medusa plugin for Strapi, a Strapi plugin for Medusa, and other components that will make your integration between Medusa and Strapi successful.

By integrating Strapi and Medusa, you can utilize rich CMS features that Strapi provides while using Medusa’s powerful commerce features.

Check out the monorepository for more details about the project and how to set it up.

Medusa SES Plugin

Lacey Pevey created a plugin that allows you to use AWS Simple Email Service (SES) as a notification provider in your Medusa backend. By using this plugin, you can send emails to the customer when an order is placed, a password reset has been requested, a gift card has been created, and more using AWS SES.

The templates used for the emails are stored within your Medusa backend in a data directory, and they’re based on handlebars. So, they’re compatible with SendGrid templates as well.

Check out the Medusa SES Plugin for more details about its features and how to install it.

Medusa SvelteKit Client

We also got a much-requested SvelteKit client that lets you interact with your Medusa backend from a SvelteKit storefront. With this client, you can easily build a SvelteKit storefront or admin for your Medusa backend.

SvelteKit enables you to combine the fluid user experience of client-side reactivity with the ability to handle logic on the server when desired. This keeps your Medusa backend firewall-protected and accessible only to your storefront server, which provides an additional layer of security compared to directly exposing your backend.

Check out the Medusa SvelteKit Client for more details about its features and how to install it. Thanks to Lacey Pevey for another great contribution.

Community Radar

Created something cool with Medusa? Let us know!

We would love to hear about all the cool projects you’ve created with Medusa. Whether it’s plugins, storefront starters, your own store built with Medusa, or anything similar, we’d love to see it and hopefully share it in our next Community Highlights!

You can share all your cool projects in the Showcase channel on our Discord. You can also learn how to publish your plugins on our Plugin Library using this guide in our documentation.

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