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Meet Zaveri

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I wondered how async module works, so I made some functions and hosted on npm

Since I have been in node.js development, I used caolan's async module very often. They provide best collections to boost productivity in development for APIs.

One day I was like wondering on my desk that how this or async.parallel() works so flawlessly. Also I was curious and wanted to know how would be picture behind this like function compositions, callback implementation and handling iteration for series control flow.

I started trying to implement few of them, though didn't accomplished more sophisticated approach like caolan's. I did refactoring and maintained only few of them and limited to mainstream/common control flow methods.

Tested all of it, though need more use cases to find issues but still it's working when I made it out of a litte sandbox.

Motivation - Curious about async and wanted to take out more from beautiful callbacks.
Github -

Feedback appreciated much more !

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