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Discussion on: We need to talk: More on the problems juniors are facing

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Meg Gutshall

This is a great post Bekah! You have much more experience than I do with job searching in the tech industry but I've heard/read plenty of job search anecdotes that corroborate each point you listed under the "Clear Exploitation" section.

Personally, I think it's disgusting that companies use interviewees' code—unpaid work!—in production. I vowed to myself to not complete a take-home test unless it's designed solely for the purpose of the interview (i.e. something not specific to that company's codebase). If any company has a problem with that, I'm prepared to explain my reasoning behind my request for an alternate take-home test. Their response could be a huge indicator as to whether or not it's the right fit for me.

And your last bullet point, that definitely doesn't get talked about enough. I feel so sad when I catch up with my Flatiron codepanions who are struggling to find a job after graduation and in the meantime, they're receiving constant rejections. It's gotta be so rough! 😞

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BekahHW Author

Meg, you are awesome and I am so glad to have you in my community. Thank you for your kind words.