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The beginners guide to Kubernetes in Azure

If you know some basics about what containers and what they are, and you want to take the next step and expand that into a more robust cloud hosted solution, your research and go-to solution will eventually land on Kubernetes. It has become more or less the standard for containerized application hosting these days.

Kubernetes (or k8s as it is often shortened to) can at first look a bit intimidating but it only looks that way. It is actually quite easy to understand if you sit down and learn the basics.

My preferred platform for running k8s clusters is Microsoft Azure since I already have around 10 years of experience with that environment from development, DevOps and architecture. K8s on the hand i've only worked with for about two years and it's been a road of trial and errors :) I was trying to learn k8s at the same time as Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) was new, before it became GA and before you could do any customization to the hosting environment itself - kinda painful.

What I missed when I started was a really good "AKS for dummies" guide. A little late for me now, but not long ago i found just that in the Kubernetes Learning Path Microsoft published early 2019.
Kubernetes Learning Path
In it, it's a really good link to a youtube video guide that walk you through all the pieces of Kubernetes and how they work. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to learn k8s even more if you plan to run your workload on Azure.
AKS youtube guide

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