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Tool to help you plan subnets in networks

It is important, when you're working with infrastructure design to have a good plan for the layout of the network!

Visual Subnet Calculator

A really good tool for this is one I came across through a friend of mine while "complaining" about lack of good network tools and setting up cloud infrastructure over a beer at my favorite "satellite office" Last Train in Oslo.

Visual Subnet Calculator has become one of the most valued tools I have in my toolbox when I work with cloud architecture and/or infrastructure. It is a simple, no fuss web app that lets you define a network, then start dividing and/or joining subnet addresses. It also has a feature that lets you store or share a direct link to the subnets you have created so it also can function as a network documentation.

Creating a IP map for any infrastructure project is core. The map will help you design a layout of your network and it's subnets, so that you'll later are able to determine where to deploy devices based on their needs and their context.

This is particularly important when you later plan to apply security to the infrastructure, or when you need to add or divide new subnets inside a network to ie. isolate devices or create custom routing rules between devices.

Thank you Rikard!

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