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We started out with our backend project by deciding we would choose an overarching idea that we could create under. Peter liked the idea of creating a voting site/app where you could cast your vote for an elected official and I liked the idea of putting a silly spin on it, noting that there were towns in the US with a mayor who was a dog.

From there we traced out the scope, detailing all the pages we’d like to create and the information we’d like populated. I noted down our tables and Peter created our schema with DB Designer. Once our idea was approved, Peter chose our site colors and created site mock ups with Adobe Illustrator Xd. These mock ups were integral in helping to visualize our pages throughout the project and from there I began creating our database with sequelize and Elephant sql, while Peter created our EJS files once I’d outlined the routes.

mock ups

For much of the project we worked in tandem, making decisions on logic and design collaboratively, pooling resources via Zoom when we needed to make changes to EJS and/or new routes.

As our deadline neared we agreed to focus on CRUD and the project requirements such as bcrypt, authentication, and security - cutting extra pages and ideas that we liked but that could not be executed in the time allowed.

Given more time, we likely would have created a fourth table to manage votes, added in complexity such as the admin drop downs only containing positions already included within the table, disabling buttons, and adding in a printable “I voted” sticker. However overall are pleased with the final product, our voting app, Vote!


Project Repo

Peter's Github & Meg's Github

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