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Introducing Tomtit profiles

Tomtit profiles


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With the latest version of Tomtit you might start using profiles - predefined sets of tasks. Instead of writing a code from the scratch you install scripts defined for some commonly used categories.


To list available categories run tom --profile, you'll get the list:

  • ado // helper scripts for Azure Devops
  • git // helper scripts for Git
  • hello // Sample helper script
  • perl // helper scripts for Perl5 developement
  • perl6 // helper scripts for Perl6 development
  • ruby // helper scripts for Ruby ( for now just rvm installer )

Once you choose a desired category - simply deploy category scripts right into your tomcat cache:

git clone $project
tom --profile git
tom --profile perl6

Once profile is executed it installs all its scripts:

tom --profile git
install git@commit ...
install git@pull ...
install git@push ...
install git@set-git ...
install git@status ...

It saves your time when bootstrapping a new project. Many scripts are ready to use straight away, some requires slight adjustment. Here we need to take a slight modifications to set up our local git repository, replacing stub with our personal data:



task-run "set git", "git-base", %(
  email => '',
  name  => 'User Name',
  config_scope => 'local',
  set_credential_cache => 'on'

Here we are ready to use our freshly installed scripts:

  • tom set-git // to set git repository, should be run once
  • tom commit // to commit changes to git
  • tom push // to push changes to bit

The same way we're using helpers for Perl6 development workflow:

tom --profile perl6 
install perl6@install ...
install perl6@release ...
install perl6@set-pause ...
install perl6@test ...


  • tom test // to run zef tests
  • tom install // to run zef install
  • tom release // to make CPAN release

So on.


If for some reasons you need to customize installed helper scripts, just edit the ones, they are plain Perl6 code:



task-run "check json files", "json-lint", %( path =>  "{$*CWD}" );
bash "zef test .";
bash "strun --root examples/"; # run Outthentic tests


Tomtit profiles minimize time required to bootstrap new project development providing you with useful helpers scripts to automate typical tasks for commonly used scenarios.

Try it out!

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