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2 free open-source OMR grading projects on github

1. OMRChecker : Grade exams using python and openCV

A full-fledged OMR checking software that can read and evaluate OMR sheets scanned at any angle and having any color. Support is also provided for a customisable marking scheme with section-wise marking, bonus questions, etc.

💯 Accurate - Currently nearly 100% accurate on good quality document scans; and about 90% accurate on mobile images.
💪🏿 Robust - Supports low resolution, xeroxed sheets. See Robustness for more.
⏩ Fast Current processing speed without any optimization is 200 OMRs/minute.
✅ Extensible - Easily apply to different OMR layouts, surveys, etc.
📊 Visually Rich - Get insights to configure and debug easily.
🎈 Lightweight - Core code size(excluding images) is less than 500 KB.
🏫 Large Scale Tested on a large scale at Technothlon.
👩🏿‍💻 Dev Friendly Pylinted and Black formatted code (check dev branch for latest code). Also has a developer community on discord.

Link: OMRChecker

2. OpenMCR : Free and Open-Source Multiple Choice Exam Reader

Commercially available OMR (optical mark recognition) exam sheets, scanners, and processing software can cost educators and educational institutions thousands of dollars per year. In response to this, OpenMCR has been developed as a free and easy-to-use alternative. The tool includes a multiple choice exam sheet and works with any scanner and printer.

This software and the corresponding multiple choice sheet were developed as an independent study project by Ian Sanders, a mechanical engineering student at the University of South Florida, under the direction of Dr. Autar Kaw.

For a detailed discussion of the algorithm and features in use, please read the report as submitted for the original independent study course.

Can be installed on windows or can be used on linux without install. Check the github link for more information.

Link: OpenMCR

Bonus: The basics of the project

Bubble sheet multiple choice scanner and test grader using OMR, Python, and OpenCV
Link: PyImageSearch

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