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Blockchain development

The current expansion of Web 3 and Blockchain development has created several new oppoertunities. if you're interested in becoming a blockchain developer, this blog is for you:

who is a Blockchain Developer?
Blockchain Devs are the ones who are incharge of optimizing and building blockchain-related applications like consensus protocols, dApps, smart contracts, design architecture systems.

Types of Blockchain Development

  1. Core Blockchain Developemnt

  2. Blockchain Software Development

Core Blockchain Development
It involves directly working with protocols and improving consensus protocols to meet the needs of the needed applications.
Core Blockchain Developers build the architecture of the blockchain

Blockchain Software Development
This is the development that most people think of when they hear the term Blockchain Development
They are the ones that create decentralized blockchain apps using protocols created by Core Blockchain Developers

How to get started
First and foremost, learn the fundamentals. Make sure to understand the basics, just as you would with any other technology!
Understand the process. it is critical to understand how things function behind the scenes. it helps while learning
Before you dive into Web 3 and Blockchain, it is essential to understand basic web development concepts such as HTML and JavaScript or its framework like React.

learn to write smart contracts
They are an essential component of any blockchain ecosystem, each blockchain has its own language that you can use to write smart contracts.
Ethereum -> Solidity
Solana -> Rust

Lastly join communities and build projects

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