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To React with best practices

WordPress is here with Gutenberg — it’s time to learn React.

The last two years I’ve spent with working on projects far from the edge having no time to catch up with web design and development best practices — it’s time to re-learn them.

I’m used to feel comfortable in the wilderness. In 2015 I’ve created my own styleguide with Gulp. Then I was featured on Brutalist Websites. And I run another blog with edge on industry.

I still feel left behind.

My biggest issue is that my old framework built on BEM / SCSS / HTML5 and vanilla Javascript was all good minus the Javascript part. I’ve struggled to make things move on the screen. Yes, I needed to find something better than Javascript and that’s how I first went to Vue, then now to React.

With these frameworks you don’t write vanilla JS code. You write strange markup and styling to declare and control the UI with minimum original Javascript. Just plumbing together what the framework offers. That’s what I really needed.

With Vue I was enthusiastic. It was the best and fastest way to get connected with the reactive UI world.

After a year, now, I’m on React. I really love it. In a week I’ve managed to set up a complete Storybook, create new components the way I want, and now put together this blog in an afternoon. Thanks Gatsby!

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