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Carlos Fuentes
Carlos Fuentes

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Introduction: Hi! My name is Charlie & this is where I started

Hi! My name is like I said in the title and I'm from Tecate, Mexico. At the time I do this post, I'm recently graduated from my Bachelor Degree in Computer Science in UABC (University Autonomous of Baja California) in Tijuana, Mexico. So, like you imagine, I'm a noob developer trying so hard to be into the magnificent world of Web & Mobile Development.

Like most of the recently graduated, I have zero professional experience & so much energy to do a lot of stuff, almost everything that my mind can imagine I try to put into code and . . . well, maybe you know the rest.

What I do?

At the moment that I writing this, I'm a Web Developer with some knowledge of Mobile Development (in Android using Java, sadly I don't have a Macbook for iOS and I prefer native before hybrid).

My favorite programming languages are Javascript & Python (I put in this order because it's the way in that I prefer it). Maybe you imagine what is the most thing that I use and (if you got it) yeah, it's Nodejs. That incredible run-time environment for Javascript on the server. And yeah, if you have experience working with Nodejs for the web development, maybe you know what I use. . . *drums*  Hapijs! (Obviously Expressjs too).

With this in mind, most of the frameworks that I use are for back-end development. Using MongoDB for my NoSQL database and MySQL, PostgreSQL for a relational database. If you wanting to know if I use an in-memory database, yeah, I used Redis before (only for sessions data, but it's something).

I need to say, I'm not so good in front-end terms but I worked before with Angular2 (when it recently release and had a lot of work only to know how made routes because. . . it's Angular). I know something about HTML5 & CSS3, enough to build a web page from scratch, about manipulating the DOM with Javascript it's something that I need to improve, but don't worry I can promise you I'm working hard to solve it *wink wink*.

Why I'm doing this?

Like I said in the begin of the article: I'm a Junior Developer, who are looking how I can get some presence, some experience and improve my knowledge, I'm a huge noob at this point. So, after reading some articles like this and others, that I lost the links, I decided to follow his advice and begin writing some experiences, troubles, new stuff that I learn and something more in my road to being a FullStack Developer.

And, as an extra point, get improve my English. So important at this days.

This is where my road begins

From this point, I will try to write articles every week as possible I can. Wait for my next article next week. I really don't know what I could be, but I can promise I would be a great stuff (I guess).

I invite you to begin this road with me. If you want to come, follow me and we can talk about programming and more.

Thanks! and see you next week.

bye bye

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noemarbali profile image

Hi @Carlos Fuentes
thankyou for sharing this.
Reading your experience and you still call yourself as beginner then I dont know what I supposed call my self, LOL.

Am a science teacher and want to change career to web developer in 3 years. So here Iam buy 1 course in Udemy, and start browsing everywhere about web developer.

Noemar from Denpasar.

metcoder profile image
Carlos Fuentes

Hi Noemar, glad to meet you!
haha, I'm the kind of guy who always thinks that I know nothing and that know nothing gives me the strength to move forward and stay up-to-date and learning something new every day. It's like my weakness and my source of power haha

That's great! Your background in science it's going to help you a lot to give solutions to problems. You only need to know some stuff related to Web Development, like the OSI Model, Protocols and standards like REST and GraphQL and then moving forward with the coding part. Whatever language and tech stack you chose, it's perfect. I'm convinced that the harder part of being a developer (no matter what kind) it's to solve the problem without making it complex. The coding part it's the easier of all project because you only need to translate your knowledge to code.

If you need something like advice, recommendations, and even a mentor, I'm glad to help!

Charlie from Mexico.

montecarlos97 profile image

Yoh, I am a begginer too and could wish to have some talks with tou.

metcoder profile image
Carlos Fuentes

Of course! When you want, just tell me how and when ;)