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Inada Naoki

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Use pip3 to install awscli

NOTE: AWS provides bundled installer. It is much better than pip install awscli, especially when you are installing awscli on EC2.

As you know, Python 2 will be EOL at 2020-01-01.

But more than 50% of downloads from PyPI are still from Python 2.7. This graph is copied from PyPI Stats.

This huge number of download from Python 2 put pressure on library authors to keep supporting Python 2. I want to reduce this pressure by Python 2 EOL.

Who uses Python 2 to pip install so much? This is a hint.

Most downloads are from Linux, although most Python users are using macOS or Windows. We can assume most pip install executions are for CI/CD/server deployment.

Then which packages are most downloaded? This is ranking from PyPI Stats:

All packages in the top 20 are pip, awscli, and those dependencies!

And 80% of pip install awscli are using Python 2!

If you know some document or template uses Python 2 to install awscli, please suggest using Python 3 to the author.

May Python 2 rest in peace.

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Saul Costa

If interested, here's a coding sandbox where you can jump in and install awscli for Python 3 to try it out:

Click to launch

(sign in is required, but then you'll be redirected to this sandbox)