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A quick question/discussion? What would you like to learn by tomorrow? Comment.


  • Feeds(Things I've read today)
  • Encounters(Things I've encountered aside from the feeds)
  • Book(Things I've read in my book(Implementing DDD))



Reddit exposed the phone and email tied to your username for those who took voluntary surveys

Free Stuff

Google's 2 books on theory/implementation on Site Reliability Engineering

Must Read

Scaling for noobs! With orgasmic pictures
To sum it up: Let providers deal with the headache - go serverless!


Serverless/Lambdaless? CRUD API with App model and Swagger

Someone made a small list of tutorials to serverless


Headless CMS with NuxtJS?

Discoverdev curated engineering articles 2018-07-27 - I plain stole this


How to build/manage a distributed team - comments on psychological needs, etc.

A sideproject got 31.000 users first week

Passive Income? Part 3 - "trying to build a revenue-generating web application that provides sustainable passive income"

Learn to say I don't know - Software Developing is overwhelming - Don't learn everything

The top 10 roles in AI/Data-Science

Incredible encapsulation n polymorphis example
Thank you @dance2die


Might heard of Next.js(lightweight framework for static and server‑rendered applications), but what about Nuxt.js(a framework for creating Universal Vue.js Applications.)?

AWS Elastic Service for Kubernetes:

So one way to approach bi-directional communication with server/client is with server-sent events - Looks easy/doable and with a small example.

So amazon now provides a linux environment? Amazon Linux 2

Ngrok - secure introspectable tunnel to your localhost. Application could be for development with webhooks etc(clever).


I came to the chapter on Entities in DDD - and learned of the many ways to generate ID's for them properly. A bit about how to figure out if it's an entity or value object i'm dealing with. Also about the separation of models when something doesn't concern one bounded context.

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