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A guy gets banned from LinkedIn when making an automatic "add all connections"-script

A very short pros/cons of the 3 web frameworks(angular, react and vue)
In short:

  • React-syntax is easy. But react is only a view layer.
  • Angular is good for streaming and is 2-way data binding. But it's very complicated.
  • Vue is small and easy to scaffold. Relatively young and flexibility comes with accidental complexity.

A short/sweet sharing of resources from a developer(feeds, books and podcasts)

The Google Cloud which should make the DevOps pipeline easier, just announced their integration with GitHub. Link to the blog and tool:
Note: Seems easy enough? A alternative would be the GitLab autodevops if you don't like github.

CosmicJS, a headless CMS + node.js for easy CMS

A guy told the world that he took 5-10x normal amount of LSD and that it made him more intelligent
Note: Really funny.

Got 95/100 in optimization score - tells how to optimize NGinx settings

Discord tells us why they stick with React

Flutter, the cross-platform native SDK from google. Also about Fuchsia which is a new OS to be released in 2019

How to get started with Reason, the new functional language, that encourages immutability, provides an inferred static type system, and compiles down to JavaScript

How serverless benefits startups

Don't learn a framework - go bare, github did it

Visualising sorting algorithms and how to create a program like that

Understanding system behaviour with ML - for big systems

Easy pairprogramming in VSCode

Data preprocessing - ML

Knative: Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads


Recently heard of from Google Devs on YouTube.

Heard about on, which is a UI development environment. But is it better than

From my feed i stumbled upon which is a currated list of tech. I tapped into their RSS and added to my

The book: High Performance Browser Networking (O'Reilly) as found on

High-performance webcrawler in python that uses ninja-mode

Extendable browser with built-in adblock:


I read about the architectural style of CQRS and how to implement it in my "Implementing DDD".

Also read about other styles like EDA.

Didn't get much more done as I was stopped and talked with two Mormons.

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