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Devfest Norway 2020, A free conference with diversity in mind

September, October and November are months with lots of conferences and meetups. It's the best time to not only sharpen your skills but also become a speaker and share your knowledge.
This year, due to the Covid19 situation, the number of online conferences goes up; I guess there's no excuse not to participate in some of our favorite ones!


Among all conferences, DevFest is usually a local event from GDG (Google Developers Group), which happens in October with lots of participants. Devfest Norway 2020 will be one of them, which is an effort from the Norwegian GDG and GDG Cloud groups including GDG Oslo, GDG Cloud Oslo, GDG Bergen, GDG Trondheim, GDG Sørlandet, GDG Stavanger.


Of course, no conferences can become successful without their speakers. Therefore, we are looking for you to submit your excellent talk. Devfest Norway 2020's CFP is open until 15th September. Please let us know your cool idea.


DevFest Norway 2020 is a unique conference this year as not only are we looking for excellent well-known (international) speakers, but we are also striving to create a platform for local, first-time, and underrepresented groups speakers to let them speak. If you are falling into one of these groups, do not be shy and let us know. I am sure you have something to share.

Special Help

If you feel you want to speak and you need some help with things like checking your presentation, rehearsing, or relieving your stress, etc, you can contact us at, or you can directly message me on twitter. You may find me on I will be more than happy to help if I can enable you to achieve your dreams.


You may wonder which topics are the focus of DevFest Norway. Generally, DevFest covers a wide range of issues such as Frontend, Backend, ML/AI, Cloud, and Mobile development. This year, we are planning a two-day conference, held at two different times each day. This way we can cover most of these topics, as well as most of the timezones as we go online on October 14th and 15th.


We have allotted 6 hours for talks over the course of 2 days. On the first day, October 14th, we will run from 12 PM (GMT+2) until 3 PM (GMT+2).On the second day, October 15th, we will run from 9:30 AM (GMT+2) until 12:30 (GMT+2). So, we hope that these times will cover most of the time zones around the world and that you won't miss your favorite talk.

Free ticket

DevFest Norway 2020 is free of charge; however, you still need to get your free ticket as we are going to generate badges for you. To get your free ticket click here

Win one of our prizes

We have a surprise for you! Join us and perhaps win one of our prizes, which we will announce soon!
Last but not least, We hope that we can bring a pleasant experience online for you to sharpen your skills and learn more.
Hope to see you all on the 14th and 15th of October.

Free ticket:

*Feel free to comment below or DM me if you have any questions or concerns.

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