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My typical routines at job as a full time software developer


Early morning

Scrum daily stand-up meeting

  • Strive to talk less than 2 minutes.
  • Situation reports for yesterday - what I have achieved, be it reviews, story implementation, bugs fixes, etc.
  • Briefly announcing my targets for today: which JIRA tickets or 2nd level support issues that I might need to solve.
  • Occasionally: asking present colleagues 1 or 2 questions on certain matters.


  • 1 cup of double cappuccino with 1 piece of stavia tablet.
  • Brought back to my work desk.
  • Read my tickets on JIRA for the current sprint.
  • Wrote the today's TODO's on one Post-It, no more, no less. Stick it to the bottom panel of my main monitor.

Firing up the machine

  • IDE
  • database client application
  • remote SSH client
  • bash terminal

Before lunch

Actual works

  • Coding, or
  • Part 1 of 2nd level support issues: by analyzing log entries of related processes on remote servers or database entries, before executing appropriate measures.
  • Part 2 of 2nd level support issues: preparing brief reports, then write e-mail to concerned parties.
  • DevOps - attending problematic CI/CD processes on Jenkins.

After lunch

Continuing actual works

  • Coffee (see above), then
  • Back to coding, or
  • Do a coding review, or
  • Writing documentation on Confluence (it's like a Wikipedia): release notes, updating module's descriptions, or
  • Testing
  • DevOps - assisting the deployments in different environments

Late afternoon

Cooling down

  • Answering emails, if necessary.
  • Casual reading on the Internet: tutorials, news, articles,
  • Editing or writing articles in Confluence, e.g., Today I Learned
  • Summing up the works of the day: writing the talking points for tomorrow's daily stand-up meeting,
  • Turn off the computer, pack up, and go home.

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real typical routine LOL