Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak is to Apple as ___ is to ___

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Dev cards (14 Part Series)

1) My favorite swag from tech conferences are ______ 2) Bane of my existence as a developer 3 ... 12 3) _____ does not Spark Joy, thank it and discard it. 4) Friends don’t let friends ____ on a Friday afternoon. 5) git commit -m "_____" 6) I got to the bottom of an infinitely scrolling website and found 7) A misunderstanding of ______ brought down all of the Internet 8) Trust me, I can build software because I learned how to code from ___ 9) What I hate hearing most as a developer. 10) ___ as a Service 11) Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak is to Apple as ___ is to ___ 12) It's going to take ___ to finish that task. 13) Cool, just send me a copy of the code on ___ 14) The best thing about my job is ___

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A. @ben , @jess , @peter /DEV πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
B. John Resig/jQuery πŸ“‘
C. DHH/Ruby on Rails πŸ›€

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C, I remembered watching DHH's video about creating a blog using Rails in 15 minutes.


It used to be 10 mins and it was originally presented by Jason Fried.


I don't think I've ever watched Jason Fried talk about it. I did find the video from DHH on youtube: youtu.be/Gzj723LkRJY.

It was such an amazing time to be a web-developer.
You could build anything, the market for ideas was untapped.

It was also very easy to amass users on your platform. Launch anything and you would have 20K in a week, or 100K in a month. I never thought that was a considerable amount of users and learned too late.

I never felt we had a break from cross-platform pains, as soon as we had HTML5 and could worry less about 640 by 480 we were now dealing with mobile.

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