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Whee! Issue 007

Happy Tuesday!

It's newsletter, Whee! newsletter. Ha, sorry for the corny joke. Seeing as this is issue 007, I tried my hand at trying to come up with something James Bond-y and quirky.

I promise, the rest of this email is anything but corny.

Here's the funnest resources I've found since we last saw each other.


Neato πŸ™Œ

HTML5 Boilerplate hits v7
With nearly 1700 commits, HTML5 Boilerplate has hit v7. A nice foundation for building web applications.

DEV is open-sourcing it's performance metrics via Skylight by @ThePracticalDev
I'm always impressed with the level of transparency that Ben, Jess and Peter share about the DEV community that they are building. From their responses to posts in DEV, to the open-sourcing of the entire site and now to the performance metrics. Fanboying hard on the DEV community.

How I reduced my Jekyll build time by 61% by @desiredpersona
Some great insights into how Colin was able to reduce the build time of his Jekyll project. Jekyll is currently my go-to static site generator and so I'm interested in implementing some of these things that Colin was able to achieve.

Tweets 🦜

@csswizardry Harry Roberts shows how to link your Google Analytics with Can I Use to provide more insights into your data. tweet

@wesbos Wes shares some of his best pattern resources tweet

@chordbug I don't even know how this works, but it works... tweet

@bradfrost Stevie Wonder's website has a really near hamburger menu tweet

@vuejs Vue recently celebrated it's 5th anniversary! Conrgats! tweet

Marie Kondo, everyone's favorite organizer has inspired some hilarious tweets.

@hkgumbs A job scheduler inspired by everyone's favorite organizer tweet

@iamdevloper What happened to all the managers? tweet

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