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2020 in review

The year 2020 was tough on everyone. A few times I lost my inspiration and motivation. But I also built some cool stuff and connected with people.

This post covers some of those highlights.


I got in the habit of blogging a lot. I had enthusiastic responses on my two most popular posts of 2020:

I got really into Functional Programming this year and did a 6-part post series on it.

New technologies

I learnt how to use Vue and TypeScript. And then combined them here:

I also learnt a lot about Lambdas, queues and Terraform as part of my job.


I mentored a few people at work. I coached some outside work like on how to build a Jekyll site.

Open source

I contributed to a lot of open source repos, which is rewarding and good use of my skills around something bigger than my problems and knowledge.

I figured out way of view all the Pull Requests I made that got merged into the original repo owned by someone else.


Using query: is:pr author:MichaelCurrin archived:false -user:MichaelCurrin is:merged

New sites

I came up with new Jekyll-based projects to collect code samples and links, to make my life easier and to share my knowledge with others.


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