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Topics for my next post

I've been encouraged by the success of last post, on Deploy pipeline with GH Actions, to keep writing more posts.

Tell me, what are you interested to learn about? Here are ideas for topics I could write about using my experience.


  • A Python project intro for JS devs
    • how to structure a new python project using comparisons with Node.js projects
  • Node to Deno
    • Side by side, Node.js vs Deno files and commands for beginners
  • Writing your first GitHub Action
    • So that you and others can reuse it in workflows
  • PWAs and Service Workers intro
  • How to build a docs site with Docsify
  • A breakdown of my dotfiles on Linux/Mac and how I use aliases etc.
    • And how I version my dotfiles in a repo but also keep them symlinked in my user folder
  • How install Ruby, Rust, Go, Python and Node.js on Ubuntu
    • Comparison of multiple approaches for each and tips for configuring
  • A breakdown of GH Action workflows
    • How to schedule daily runs, how to use tokens the safe way, how to add a release flow runs after your build flow.

Let me know in the comments what you like.

I don't want to be the millionth blogger to write and intro to JS, so tell what matters to you and your context so I can make something relevant and original. So maybe I'll take ideas not on the list.

I'll include links to resources and repos of mine.


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Catriel Lopez

An introduction to github actions sounds cool, but looking at other people's dotfiles is a guilty pleasure! My vote goes to dotfiles

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Michael Author

Thanks I'll do that.

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Michael Author

Here's my post series! :)