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I write terrible code, and I'm OK with that.

I admit, I write terrible code. It's beyond spaghetti. Let's forget this whole MVP stuff.

Writing terrible code is actually a great thing, it allows you to look back on it in time and revise it, use your further knowledge to rewrite and implement it a better way. If you've never written terrible code, you've never learned how to code.

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I think context is important here. I think we should all feel comfortable admitting that we all write terrible code at points!

  • When we're learning something new
  • When we're in a rush
  • When we haven't properly defined the problem

However, that doesn't mean we're satisfied with that code. I'd hope that "terrible code" is our starting point. That we start there and make it better. That we don't put code in production unless we are confident it is reasonably maintainable for others, or even our future selves!

There is no shame in terrible code. We should normalize terrible code writing. But I'd caution us against accepting terrible code as a final solution.

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Xing Wang

Remind of me of a tag line "I don't create code, I create bugs."

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Yes that's possible with little projects. With larger projects that can be difficult to find the time to refactor...

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Ritik Patni

Every code is a crap code. It's just a matter of who messed it and when.

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