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The Github repos I discovered this week (III)

Hi there! I come along with another week of discovering repositories. I think this two weeks I've discovered the most repositories so far, maybe I'm becoming fan of staring repositories, idk... However, I hope you like this list, I made it with love. :D.

But, before the list, a little story. This week I was working in made a Node server available as a Windows service. This list have some of the tools I try during the process, but I did not quite get what I expected, meaning I had to move all the server files along with the executable service, and I end up to just moving all the project along for now, as I had to move on with that task, and it was a side project.


This was actually the last tool I found about converting your app into a self-executable. The first one I already posted in a early GRITW. This actually looks promising, cause the one I tried was kind of disappointing, maybe it was my fault, but I couldn't configure to bundle all the files in the .exe. Anyhow, I hope for this to do it better, and someday I'm going to find out.


This is the kind of you tool you wonder yourself how you could live without it. Is a simple tool to manage different node version, that works on Windows. I'm sorry folks, but I use Windows to develop. I know, I know, but a man have to play games. Not me, but a man. The interesting thing about this, is that it allows you to play around not only with Node itself, but with several folks, like node-chakracore, the one that use Microsoft's ChakraCore engine instead of V8.


I love this. This was love. For real. It's a 'simple and powerful server for NodeJS'. And let me tell you, it is. I actually made the server using this tool. There is little information, very little and unfinished examples, but still. It just got to a stable version, so I don't really blame it. I blame my high expectations. It was really easy to work with, and the API is really super simple, once you get use to it. Give a try to do a little server and play around.

HTML-CSS Class Completion

An extension for VSCode. The ones that follows me should know how much I love that editor, but some times things like this are really missing from the editor. Lucky for us, some people realize about it and made extensions like this.


A last but not least, this shinny. Really a must have if you need to handle zip files in Node or browser. Really simple API to use, and powerful as well. It have asynchronous methods that you can use async/await with them, as they are thenables.

That's all folks

This is it for now. We well read us in a few weeks. Thanks you!

PS: Game Programer

I always dream about become a game developer. Someday I will follow the path of the game developer!

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