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Discussion on: IAMA Gaming/AI/Cloud Architect Turned Designer/Product Lead, Ask Me Anything!

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Nice! Jon Carmack is great! I still have yet to read Masters of Doom but it's on my list!

I actually got to interview John Romero ages ago... and I never published it. 😓I should've... I was trying to get it out there prior to him speaking at a show, then I got buried in other work and ended up discarding it. But, he was definitely a fun person to talk to. The early id team sound very much like indie devs. I remember I dug their ten development commandments.

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Ryland G Ask Me Anything

The original ID team was honestly amazing, would have loved to work with them.

You can still publish that John Romero interview. I would read it.

The ten dev commandments only mostly held up with time. A few questionable items these days.